Quarter Midget Kart?

I recently purchased the kart shown in the pictures and have not been able to figure out any model/make information based on my internet searching. Does anyone know what this is and perhaps where I could find parts? I’m primarily asking because the rear axle bearing are shot and need replaced, but I can’t get the axle to budge. There is a gearbox of some kind, and it might be what has the axle stuck in place. I’m about ready to just cut the parts off the back end and do a complete remodel, but I’m hoping someone knows what this is.

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s-l500_1 s-l500_2 s-l500_3

I’m not sure what that is but it’s not a kart.

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I’m not sure what the vehicle is either, but the drive that’s on there is a CVT, similar to what you’d find in a snowmobile.

The engine I don’t recognize either, but I can say it’s a two stroke.

Where are you located?

Gotta be a sprint dirt resource? Bobs 4-cycle maybe? Seem to be a lot of dirt oval drivers there?

Thanks. I’ll contact someone there.


I’m pretty sure it’s a rotax engine of some kind, but beyond that, I’m not sure. The torque converter certainly needs some work.

I’m in northern Indiana.

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hmmm, i thought some kind of micro or midget sprint chassis. But i’m not sure i’ve seen them with the engine mounted on that side.