Question about Go Kart Lights

First time poster and I hope I’m in the right place. If not, please forgive me. I have a question about lights for my Go Kart.

I’m about to purchase a new TrailMaster Cheetah 200EX. It comes with headlights and front turn signals. I live in Arizona and want to license my Kart for Street use. I see them everywhere around here. Arizona requires reverse lights, rear tail lights and rear turn signals. My question is: Can I splice into the power wire to my headlights and front turn signals and run wiring to the back of my Kart to power tail lights and rear turn signals? I saw a video on YouTube where a guy spliced into his reverse dash light, ran wiring to the back of the Kart and Viola! He now has backup lights that come on when he puts his Kart into Reverse. Can I do the same thing with my headlights to tail lights and front turn signals to rear turn signals? I just don’t want to overload the circuit that powers these lights

I’ve found all of the lights I need on Amazon, but don’t want to buy anything until I know they will do what I need them to do.

If my idea won’t work and this is not possible, is there a way to wire tail lights and rear turn signals? Any and all advice and/or suggestions would be much appreciated!

That trailmaster is not a gokart. Its an atv. I believe the terms gokart is rather different here…

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Forgive my ignorance; I’m a newbie and learning as I go. That being said, several online dealers refer to this model as an “Adult Go Kart”. I just go by the description on each web site.

Hey Andrew,

Like mentioned, this site focuses on racing karts, which are a bit different, but maybe someone here can help, nonetheless. Wrenching is wrenching!


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You could splice it, but what it could cause the headlights to dim. Id recommend copying the wiring of the headlights, also running wiring from the headlights to the back seems a little counterintuitive.