Question about new vlr100 engines

Hi guys, I own a vlr100 but bought it in 2020 brand new and I’ve heard that the new vlr100 comes with more torque and other new things. I was wondering if you can tell me if it is true and what are the new things it comes with.


I believe there was some discussion about this a while back in one of these threads, but my understanding was that the changes were for the junior spec. If there is newer information I would be curious about it too.

The difference is the header. You can buy the part from most kart shops.

Yes, I was already aware of the header. However, “supposedly” there are specific components within the engine that are lighter than the previous model and some other things. We had a race this past weekend, and some participants who acquired and tested the new 2023 engines with identical specifications achieved superior results in terms of torque compared to the old model of engine same spec and fresh out of the box.

Allot of unknown variables but interesting to hear, wonder if someone has detailed info. Assuming the builders would know. looking at the fiche there is about 15-20g of tolerance across a couple components.

Same ignition timing?
Same port timing (squish)?
Same carb settings (spring/fulcrum/jets)?
Same exhaust state (new vs old - carbon build up)?

Did you hear any more about this?