Question about seat stays

I was testing today and found interesting thing. My kart was sliding bit more and tried some things. The best result was when i removed the both seat stays. On turning in until apex the kart was more stable and less sliding and going out of corners it was alot better much faster. The tyres looked also alot better. What could you suggest to reproduce it but with seat stays? I have a medium axle (yellow freeline) width was 1395mm and mojo d5


Removing seat stays will reduce the amount of weight transfer you are getting from the seat. If the rear is sliding and you take the stays off and it improves, it’s likely you were transferring too much weight.

If you want to keep the stays on but solve that handling issue, you could try:
Widening rear track width - reduces kart “tipping” from weight transfer, softens up rear
Lower rear ride height - reduces weight transfer
Softer seat - absorbs weight transfer
Reduce caster - less jacking effect
Narrow front track width - less jacking effect

If the kart works without stays and it’s fast, don’t hesitate to leave it like that and see how it goes for different conditions. I almost never run without stays, but in certain conditions or grip levels, it can be useful.

Thx for the hints but i tried some things already but it wasnt better.
-I could try go a bit wider in the back didnt try it max. That would be next step.
-lowering in my dd2 is not possible, standard position is already the lowest.
-reduce caster was a bit better but not so good. Due to lower jacking effect i had to turn more and very ofter the back overloaded and had snap oversteer, but the exit was pretty good.
-as seat i have already a t11 Vg

  • i could narrow the front a little bit more but the steering forces increase

What about a shorter hubs or softer axle? I also got a hint to put a shorter axle inside? What about this?