Question About This Go-Kart

Hello, a buddy of mine is trying to sell a go kart. The details about this kart is our buddy got sold this go kart for $400. The gokart chassis shown below is a “BRM Racing CSA1/6/01 Serie 0122” as read on the photo below. Since there are really no documentation online about this chassis, who knows about BRM and/or this chassis? The buddy talked to someone else’s and said this go kart can sell for 800-1200$.

Anyway, I wanted to see if anybody knew anything about this go kart.

Thanks, Cody

image image image image

One thing to note… That’s a sportsman/cadet chassis not adult sized one.

BRM were a decent chassis. That particular one looks to be from 2001 or prior based on the homologation plate and the diagonal side pod bars.

$400 could be a good deal. $800 is unlikely. It’s almost two decades old and shows signs of neglect. Expect to have to rebuild the brakes (finding seals may be a challenge) and replace some bearings.

Another thing to be aware of… depending on how fussy a track is, they may not permit the older style diagonal side pod setup. Always good to check first.

Thank you for the information!

seems pretty generous for that. You can get modern race ready chassis ready to hit the track for $1k or less.

Brian Jacobsen at Viking Karts formally with Profile used to import those at one time. My brother has some spare parts you can hit him up on fb (Ryan Riggs) if you decide to buy it. It will be hard to find parts for it though like others have mentioned. Also like others have mentioned it looks a little rough. AFAIK no one in the states is importing them anymore.