Question for those who race @ Norway IL in 206 class


(Daniel Eddy) #1

Hey guys, I’m trying to get the optimal set up for a VLR Emerald Lo206 running at Norway in IL, also known as Concept Haulers Motor Speedway. I don’t have the means to have very many tools with me at the track, so I’m trying to get the set-up as close as possible while at home. What gear do most you guys run in the dry and also any info on ride height would be appreciated.

(Steve Pribyl) #2

Chris Rossiter Runs a VLR there. Seek him out on Facebook.

(Kyle Callahan) #3

16-56 is the ratio I run and I have not had to change it once this season. That always has me in the ballpark.

I don’t have a VLR, but I do have a 4 cycle chassis. Leave the ride height in the middle to start. Put the rear track width very far in. I had to cut the axle on my kart to get it further in. From there I would play with the front width to get the balance of loose vs. tight where you want it. Air pressures would be something to play with as well.

(Morgan Schuler) #4

Follow the VLR baseline setup and adjust from there: VLR_setup.pdf (125.7 KB)

Don’t be afraid to go 20+ psi in those tires…

(Daniel Eddy) #5

Thank you, that’s incredibly helpful info!

(James McMahon) #6

What tires do they run?

(Morgan Schuler) #7

MG Blue …