Questions about my search for second hand rotax plus chassis ( CRG / Formula-K


I am still searching for a kart here locally.

Now i have some questions, maybe you could help :slight_smile:

1 Does anyone (approx. ) know the year of production of Rotax engine serial 87184995 ?

2 Does anyone know the year of production of CRG chassis KT2 70/ch/20 1699 ?

3 Does anyone know the year of production of the Formula-K chassis 014/ch/01 172906 ?

4 Also, i found a Formula-K chassis. Does anyone know if this comes out of the same factory as CRG ? Is it any good? Stiff ?

Are you searching for something to race, or for practice.

Generally the last two digits of the Homologation number are the period the chassis was homologated for.

Your picture of the “Formula K” chassis is actually a Haase chassis.

The current Formula K chassis are built by IPK (Praga / OK1, etc).

Some of the original Formula K’s (prior to moving under the IPK umbrella) might have shared some CRG componentry.

Thanks a lot for all the help! I just emptied my wallet for a 2021 Haase with Rotax Evo engine :slight_smile:

I totaly destroyed my budget, so now i am looking for some good value for money accesoires.

Is there maybe a laser alignement set for sale on AliExpress that you know of?

In my experience, your first year when you buy in will be the most expensive. If money is tight I would suggest spending where it matters (tools and safety). While the laser tools are convenient it’s not a necessity. Hopefully, you have or will make some connections at the track where you could borrow someone’s lasers. Another option is to look for used, they do come up from time to time.

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You can use something like this , and they do work . We have something like that almost 3 years now and they adjust the front set ups just fine !

A good choice for a budget first season .

Thanks! What do you think of this laser?

While you can buy plates you can make something too.


Thanks! I decited to make my own laser, for 9 Euro’s i have 2 laser pen, magnets and plastic level :slight_smile:


Nice! When in doubt maybe add a bit of extra toe-out. Karts really hate being toe-in. Better to a be extra toe-out and scrub a bit of speed versus toe-in.

As others have mentioned in order of spending money in my opinion it should go best helmet you can afford, suit, gloves, shoes, necessary tools, then the fun “go faster” tools.

first design :slight_smile:

Also, i have a question about the best cooling water to prefent corrosion / chalk in the engine and safe the water pump.

I was thinking to use filtered rain water. And maybe ad a small bit of coolant for lubrication. Small enough so the track will not be to slippery :wink:

I do not ride competition, so i wont be checked :wink:

Any ideas about this ?

Rotax says just distilled water. You could run a small amount of an anti-freeze or water wetter to help with corrosion. It’s very easy to drain on the Rotax just by removing the lower hose so I do it pretty often.

Just use distilled water. Adding coolant is a no-no. Any leaks and the track will turn into a skating rink.

Good point. I forgot about the slippery factor on track.

thanks! How much Liter is in the Rotax Evo ?

Around .7L. Just fill it up until the radiator is full. Let it run a couple minutes and add if necessary.

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