(Questions?) Working with AIM to create more Race Studio Videos

As most forum members know, Kartpulse worked with AIM to create some “how-to” videos about using Race Studio 2, a few years ago. Recently, I just started talking with Roger about creating another series of these videos maybe around Nov timeframe, with more questions that come from the karting community.

So, I’m creating this thread for people to ask “how to” questions, that could be potential topics for future videos. (If a question comes up where a video already exists, I’m just going to reply back with that video link.)

Ask away! #keepkartingfun

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Don’t have any ideas, but would like to say these videos are a great help to get the most out of your data, so I appreciate them!

Davin and Roger,
Here’s my burning question:

Start finish line at englishtown is shown as the shifter position. Except we all race TAG and start finish is elsewhere.

I need to modify the track map. It lets you change sectors but I can’t figure out if it’s possible to change that.

You need to reset the beacon via Beacon Shift.

But it’s a good point about “How to reset my start/finish line”
You can use the GPS map to see where the beacon sits.

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Aha Thank you!!! :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::racing_car:

When I do GPS Lap Insert to all the driver’s sessions I’m comparing, I select the start/finish with the cursor for one test and then just use that test as my GPS Lap Insert reference for the rest of the weekend’s sessions. Accomplishing the same thing or am I doing it some ass-backwards way? Seems like Beacon Shift is probably the right way…

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That’s what I do too but it makes a mess out of the out-lap and subsequent gps traces get screwed up

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I disable the out and in laps anyway because it doesn’t offer much usefulness for me.

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Honestly, that way works too. Beacon shifts can be tedious when the start/finish lines of two sessions are super far apart from one another.

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Not sure if this is worthy of a video… is there an easy way to find a total number of laps turned per year at each track? Or get average lap time or speed (over entire lap) for each track by year and month?

I’m not sure if that data would be super useful, since track conditions change so often. You could at least just filter all of the sessions in the Test Manager to the track that you’re interested in, and see what the average laptimes are.

The only thing I have found with regards to the beacon shift, there is a limit to how far it will let you shift it. I had one that the actual start finish line was halfway around the track from where my Mychron set it at. I had to shift it multiple times before it finally got there.

Yeah, you just can’t do like 2000 feet at once, and so that can be tedious.

Personally for me, the biggest thing is settling the proper start finish line before doing too many runs.