Quick Reference Guide to OTK Adjustments

I am trying to put together a quick reference guide of every kind of adjustment that can be made to an otk kart/kart in general and what effect each adjustment will have on the kart/balance. So far I have, Castor, Camber, Rear Track/Front Track width, Axle Hardness, Tire Pressure, Sprocket size, and seat height/position. Feel like I am missing a couple adjustments.

Torsion bar
Wheel type (mxc,mxj etc)
Rear and front ride height

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Here’s a couple things that might help.
I think my setup sheet has every adjustment:
Chassis_Setup_sheet.pdf (896.8 KB)

And my quick reference guide for the OTK kart:

Also my tuning video:


This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for!

“Driver notes (excuses)” I love it lol!

This is very useful,

Thank you

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Also had a question on caster, does “increase caster” mean add positive caster, i.e. top arrow backwards, front arrow forwards?

It means “increase caster from wherever you’re at”. Everything is relative to where the kart currently is set up.

If you’re running max negative caster (bottom arrow forwards, top pill back) and you have understeer, try going to half negative caster first (bottom arrow forwards, top pill neutral).

Positive caster would be top arrow forwards, bottom arrow back or neutral, yes.

Also note that all karts have a bunch of caster built into the frame geometry, so technically you’re never “negative” caster.

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