Quincy Grand Prix

Anyone else going to the Quincy Grand Prix? Growing up in Quincy I have always gone as a spectator and decided to buy a kart and give it a rip! Signed up for a non-competitive class for first time novices like myself! It has always been a great event as a spectator with thousands in the community coming out to support! Anxious to be a part of it this year!



I’m considering it. Very busy with life stuff right now, but if I can swing it I’ll definitely be there.

Anyone know whether they have released the updated layout for the shifters?

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I have never managed to fit it in. This time I am re-arranging to make it fit. I am running 3 Ignite classes and FK100.

I don’t know if they have updated the shifter layout or not. I was at my local track and talking with some folks and they mentioned street races being rough. For those not aware, the track is on a city park road that has been repaved in recent years. Super smooth compared to a highly used city street.

I am signed up for sure! 174 entries and counting…pretty good turnout considering there aren’t any junior classes. Races

Gotta love that. That’s awesome.

Across 24 classes and with only the Ignite classes in double digits. Near 0 entries shifter classes. This is one of those things you never want to die because of how awesome it is, but it is not looking great. I know Jeff Scott (and the entire group) is putting in a lot of work to make this happen. I hope they get some more entries.

I have been hitting my local track pretty hard to get people to sign up. There are some that are waiting to see what the weather looks like as it gets closer, but they have their calendars marked for it. I agree, the team looks like they are doing a lot of work to make it happen.

I ran Quincy in the Park last weekend. It was incredible.

Great track with everything from decreasing radius 180, carousel, sweeping uphill left, tight rights, long sweeping right leading to start finished. Even a small jump over a rise leading to a quick right. One of the top four tracks I have been on.

Amazing event with a small festival in the park in addition to the race. Everything from food vendors, beer trailer, corn hole competition, and a concert on Saturday night. Sunday morning they announced 15 to 20 thousand were expected to attend that day. I do not know the final numbers. This is one of top two events I have raced at.

Great officials and track workers. Corner workers did an outstanding job directing us during yellows and getting drivers and karts to safety. Head Flagmen Jason Burgess, flagman coordinator Remy Bolton, announcer Dave McIntyre and many others were great.

Classes included mixed 100CC 2 stroke, Briggs, Margay Ignite, shifter, vintage, and minimoto motorcycles. The Margay Ignite classes were some of the largest of the day. This is not a surprise here in the Midwest. The Ignite program has expanded to have great local sprint and regional sprint events, and be a large presence in a number of road course, and street course events. I hope next year their new sealed VLR Ignite100 class will be included. This year I ran it in the mixed 100CC class as well as ran in two Ignite LO206 classes. By the way, if you are thinking of giving Ignite a chance, they do arrive and drive.

Congratulations to Jeff Scott and Quincy on a great job. I eagerly and hopefully look forward to next year.

PS - The other 3 tracks in my top 4 are Road America (car track), Road Atlanta, and Nurburgring.

PSS - Other top event for me was racing in the first SCCA Runoff to run at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

PSSS - I am in no way affiliated with Margay, but if you decide to give Ignite a try please give them my name. Maybe they will give me a discount on parts. :wink:


100% a bucket list event. I’m so glad it came back and it seems Jeff and his team did a great job.

This is an exciting year for street racing too. SIRA is back in full force and the rock island Gran Prix is running a new layout for the first time ever this year.

Take it to the streets!

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They just announced the dates for 2025. June 14-15. I ran in the novice class this year and had an absolute blast. Will defintely be racing next year. Jeff Scott and crew did a great job, and expect next year will be bigger and better given the limited time they had to put it together last year.

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SIRA definitely seems to be back. IIRC, they are running the Elkhart GP and USAC is promoting it. Elkhart and Quincy sound like similar events in that there is a kart race with a festival attached. My son and I had a great time at Elkhart last year even though rain kept us out of the finals (we figured Elkhart was not the best place for our first rain race).

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So, we’ll see you at Elkhart this year? :grin:

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That’s the plan! If you could arrange for dry conditions, that’d be great… :rofl:

Is Elkhart still an Ignite Major, do you know?

(edit) Ope! nevermind. I see it is.

Those are tentative dates as there are several major events, Mid Ohio, Vintage New Castle, and Indy car in St Louis, They are also looking at June 28 & 29.