Quincy Grand Prix

Anyone else going to the Quincy Grand Prix? Growing up in Quincy I have always gone as a spectator and decided to buy a kart and give it a rip! Signed up for a non-competitive class for first time novices like myself! It has always been a great event as a spectator with thousands in the community coming out to support! Anxious to be a part of it this year!



I’m considering it. Very busy with life stuff right now, but if I can swing it I’ll definitely be there.

Anyone know whether they have released the updated layout for the shifters?

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I have never managed to fit it in. This time I am re-arranging to make it fit. I am running 3 Ignite classes and FK100.

I don’t know if they have updated the shifter layout or not. I was at my local track and talking with some folks and they mentioned street races being rough. For those not aware, the track is on a city park road that has been repaved in recent years. Super smooth compared to a highly used city street.