Quincy Kart Grand Prix - how this even possible?

next level event this! You boys on the other side of the pond are just outrageous! Love it!

not sure i’d take my 100 out though!. Seizing would not be fun!

Why are people not talking about this utter madness?


Beautiful isn’t it? I think people behind the walled garden of Facebook are chatting about it. Looks like they did a bit of a live show but not sure how it worked out.

It’s a historic event too, they ran 100’s in the past. Proper mental👍

That was a good place to crash, considering the alternatives.

Pretty exciting racing, I am on the fence about sending my driver out in one of these, those curbs are a unique hazzard. And we get crap for endurance racing on the big tracks and that’s too fast. LOL

that jump looks so rad…and terrifying