Race Announcers/Presenters

(James McMahon) #1

Add any race announcers you know of below. I get asked this question pretty often.


Chris Wheeler
Chris Ortenburger (is a good presenter IMO)
Dave McIntyre (Cup Karts North)
Eric Brennan (WKA)
Justin Schuoler
Randy Kugler
Rob Howden
Terry Bridges
Tim Chapman (Announces most SoCal races. Plus Lake Perris speedway events and monster truck stuff.)
Tim Koyen (@Tim)
Tony LaPorta
Tony Modica from OGP
Tony The Toe Cup Karts Central
Xander Clements (@XanderClements)


Chris McCarthy (Karting Magazine)

(Michael Zahorski) #2

@XanderClements has done the last two rounds of the Texas Sprint Race Series that my daughter runs Mini Swift in, and he has done a great job with that. He’s even pronounced our last name correctly, especially when she ended up driving across the grass and saved it at the last round.

(Steve Pribyl) #3

Dave McIntyre Cup Karts North

Tony The Toe(Don’t remember his last name) Cup Karts Central

(Dan Schlosser) #4

Tony Modica from OGP does a great job.
Randy Kugler of course.
Chris Wheeler could make a nascar race exciting.

(David Gallaher) #5

Tim Chapman

Announces most SoCal races. LAKC, Tri-C and some FKC races. Plus Lake Perris speedway events and monster truck stuff. He’s awesome!

(James McMahon) #6

Came across a gent called Justin Schuoler today.

(David Gallaher) #7

Justin is a great guy in karting

(James McMahon) #8

Added Eric Brennan… he works at some WKA races.