Race pets photo thread

I think we need a photo thread for our (mainly 4-legged) Racing companions. Maybe some of you have race parrots, I dunno.

Scott Monison’s dog, Race:

Fittingly, Race’s predecessor is interred under the oval track. Eternal lapping.


Tim’s dogs are very sweet but they will eat your burger if you give em the oppty…

Unknown Racer at Club Motorsports in NH

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I bet this dog generates a lot of downforce at speed, but they probably need to let his hair from the sholders back grow very long to seal the venturi tunnel. They also need to train him to hold his tail up to clean up the airflow from his diffuser to balance out the COP. :grin:


Used to have a really good track dog. Here is a pic of him looking like his owner on the way to the track and then a pic of him and my kid karter napping on the way home.


Maggie was the best. She loved the track, loved the kids and loved being the center of attention.


Not my pet but I swear every location we go to with the ice track… some doofus decides it’s a good idea to pass the fencing and take their dog for exercise.

Doggo running across track as we get to the turn.


Doggo running back afterwards

My favorites though are the ones that walked their dogs on a literal glare ice track because the road (not under our control) hadn’t been plowed.


I just remembered we did have a race pet of sorts.

Meet Ivy the gokart advice mallard


“Some total quack did the alignment on this thing. Idk how any ducks can drive it with this seat position also.”

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In the Duck’s defense… her eyes are on the side of her head :laughing:


Many fine animals here … let’s see more.

Thank you for the stickers, @fatboy1dh
I appreciate it a lot!

Maggie will live on as a YouTube thumbnail. I’m sorry I don’t have more viewers to celebrate her with. She seems like she gets it better than most humans. She’s clearly stoked to be in a kart!


Dog in racing helmet:

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We call this guy McBiscuits… He’s my favorite of the four critters we have…


Look at that nose!!! Cutie pie.


That’s Maus - he refuses to be left behind when the karts come out!


Pit Nap Pup!! :grinning::dog::checkered_flag:
Very cute doggo and thanks for sharing!
Welcome to KP!

They call him “Fullsend”. He’s pretty famous in dog racing circles.

Just a reminder as we are full swing race season… post those race pets if you get any shots.

My pups. Love hanging out in the trailer or on the patio during race days.


And my big guy we lost last year to cancer that came outta nowhere :confused: We saw the little black and brown guy above and we hat to save/adopt the mini-me version this year.


You already saw him but here he is again :smile:

Here he is helping me wrapping my kart


I’m fond of bulldogs so as many pics is good!

Lemme guess… his name is Speedy Steve.