Race Report: Dart Kart Club at Nelson Ledges Race Course

(Steve Pribyl) #1

Had a chance to race on a track that has not had karts on it for what is reported to be 30 years. The track is a privately owned club style track that once hosted SCCA nationals. More recently it has hosted car and motorcycle track days and races. This year the Dart Kart Club returned kart racing. We had a blast with our fellow Animal on this fast and deceivingly simple appearing track. Full race videos included.

(Dom Callan) #2

Good stuff. Do you get out on track for races too or just Jason?

(Steve Pribyl) #3

Jason and his stuff is the focus. I don’t have a racing background so it’s everything I can do to keep up up with him as crew chief. Last year I did get my carcase in an animal kart and it was incredible. My favorite part of the experience was watching him drive by me at speed. He looked so cool and I was a proud dad. I did toy with using one of his old sprint karts to road race LO206 masters but time and budget were not in enough supply. I have the kart and motor but need a seat, tires, weight, mychron, and other assorted parts. Really, I belong in the pits turning wrenches, filling tires, pumping gas, or using the duck truck to dry the track when it rains. If he quits racing though…

(Dom Callan) #4

Gotcha. Time spent at the track with the kids is what its about. And, as you discovered, pretty hard on us of a more tender age.