Race vid from NJMP last weekend

So here’s Nicks prefinal from NJMP this past weekend. I’m posting it up as a proud Dad who was blown away how far he’s come in 3 races.
He dukes it out for the first 9 laps against #221 Alex Landino and makes a really scary but good pass to eventually get past and finish 6th. He also managed to get 6th in finals as well.
What impressed me most was how nick stayed on it and kept pushing despite a couple failed pass attempts. It make me think of the “getting in the zone” thread because it’s pretty clear that nick somehow tricked his mind into being more aggressive than he normally is.
Anyways, it’s a good race and I thought fun to watch. Enjoy!

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Get that boy some proper driving shoes, they’ll help him feel the pedals much better. Especially important in Rotax.

Haven’t been to NJMP in years, forgot how awesome those curbs are to jump. I winced around the 3:30 mark when he really takes some liberties with that one near the end of the lap and almost bins it :grimacing::joy: I like the attacking style!

I keep meaning to buy him some but his feet grow insanely fast. Thanks for watching!

Nicks on an x30, the other boy is rotax. It’s amazing how much more top end the x30 has in the long bits but the rotax really shoots out of the corners.

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