RaceStudio 3 track map offset

Is there a way to shift the track map?
Currently, it’s showing the driving line through grass and on the wrong side of curbs.

Sounds like you need to drive better!

Totally kidding of course, I couldn’t help it :wink: On a more helpful note, I have been wanting to look into exporting Mychron data to CSV for playing around with Python. If you can export as CSV, offset the GPS coordinates, and then re-import, that could work. I just haven’t tried, but I might be able to mess around with it this weekend if there is not a built-in method.

Lol I know right!!

Didn’t even think of exporting/importing. That would probably work but hopefully there’s a built in function to correct for gps shift.

Have you tried another map? In addition to a Google map, you can choose from Open Street Maps, Esri, Thunder Forest, MapBox, Here & Bing.

Is the offset from 2 different days? Sometimes we find if we use data from a previous visit to the track it can show an offset. I think it’s down to using different satellites for positioning on different days.

I find this difference in positioning even from session to session. For me using onboard video is a more effective way to evaluate a driver’s line.

Yes, it’s tricky trying to figure out which one is closest to being correct.

I watch one of AIM’s webinars, doesn’t seem like it’s possible as the map image is not stored locally. Would be nice to have the 2 sessions lined up though.

Driver is fairly new, 1st season of lo206, 2 seasons of arrive and drive but the karts handle completely different. He was over driving it at first but he’s settling down and getting more consistent however lap times are still about a second off the leaders and a few tenths off his main rival from last year.

I know nothing compares to seat time but I just want to be able to give him accurate advice on braking points, turn in, etc. before to many bad habits develop.