Racestudio 3 track reverse layout

Simple question - for an existing track in Racestudio3, how can I duplicate the track for alternate configurations - such as reverse? It seems like a simple thing to do, and I thought export/import might be the way to start, but that seems to do nothing.

I’m sure there are some track edit pros on here - right? :wink:

Thanks in advance.

While we are at it, how do I edit the track layout to move the start/finish?

@hallkbrdz Did you already drive the track in reverse, so your Mychron has the data of that direction? Once you’ve driven a track in a particular direction, or an alternative layout, then you can create a new track in Race Studio really easily.

See an example on one of the videos that we made with AIM around Track Maps in Race Studio.

Also, here is a video about the different track maps, and how to add them in Race Studio 3

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Dom, you can edit the start finish line when you first create the track map, or in the track data base. You can also utilize the “GPS Lap Insert” tool to overlay other’s data and this can be a way to force your data to correlate with another set if their driven line is significantly different.

Yes, I already had the reverse data, as well as a couple other configurations, so that helps a lot for the non-standard lap with analysis. Somehow I overlooked that.

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I have been using gps lap insert to force the issue. What I haven’t figured out is how to modify the maps in the database. Map manager seems to let you edit the sectors lenfth and location but doesn’t seem to want you to move the arrow for start.