Racing in SoCal/LA Area

Hi all!

I’m going to be in the LA region pretty soon and was wondering what there is for kart racing out there! I know there is Willow Springs but I can’t seem to find much information. I’m curious about both rentals and actual leagues out there as well. Thanks!

The only active championships are the Tri-C Karters championships (all classes), the Adams Motorsports Park 4-cycle league, and the SKUSA Pro-Kart Challenge.

All SoCal races right now are held at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside. It’s a legendary track with very limited pit space. Apex Motorsports Park in Perris is an excellent facility but it too has limited pit space.

What’s happening with the K1 track in Winchester? Haven’t heard anything recently.

You’ve heard the old song “Big Rock Candy Mountain”?

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Didn’t they break ground on this and start construction? I am guessing that there’s drama behind the scenes as it was a pretty high profile project that went dark. Anyone have deets?

Last I heard they were working with the city\fire dept on fire requirements.

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Hey @iros! I’m a part of SMKA in Santa Maria, about 3hrs north of LA. We have a full club racing season, with decent turnouts in LO206 and 2-cycle.

Let me know if you’re ever in the area and I could get you in for a test day.

What happened to SoCal karting? It used to be the place.

Severe lack of (quality) racetracks. Heavier/faster categories are impacted the most.

K1 will fix the issue (partially) but bumped in some delays, looks like races are scheduled there from July, if memory serves me well.

Also, aside from the Inland Empire, there are no other racetracks south of Perris, with the exception of the privately held estate in S. Diego, so I would not count that in. I’ve run the numbers on it, makes no sense to open one unless you are given land for free, even then it’s financially squeaky. Or, like K1, it’s within a broader business context, then it may work.