Racing with Broken Thumb Cast

Has anyone raced with a thumb in a cast? I got into my driving suit and will be modifying glove.

Docs didn’t object but they might not understand.

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I’ve seen drivers race in casts before. As long as you can safely hold the wheel you should be fine.

ive been in the same situation its a pain in the ass but possible, altho it makes turning the wheel quite hard.

It can definitely be done, your other arm is gonna have to take up some of the slack.

Thanks guys, at least it’s not a shifter. We’ll see how it goes during Friday practice but I’m going.

Hehe. You’ll be fine. Yeah your right arm will do most of the work and the left will make suggestions. Totally doable.

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Yes, one can race with a cast on wrist, it did slow me down a tiny bit, maybe 2ths. The ortho techs tried their best to minimize the cast but next time I’ll bring in the steering wheel. I couldn’t get my thumb under the steering wheel, so i ended up holding the steering wheel with my left hand between my index and middle finger to hold and control kart in right hand turns but hung on to win the Grand Masters (55+ YO) class.


Congrats! That’s a cool trophy!

Way to show those punk 55 year olds! :+1: :rofl:

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Shouldn’t you be leaning on your Walker?

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Probably, but I forgot where I left it, so I’m living on the edge.