Radiator mounting question?

Hi! Im mounting my radiator… can it be like this or will i get problems?

It is fine, the radiator should have some tilt in it to become more effective😁 It shouldn’t be totally straight

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That’s not a problem at all, however you run a high chance of hitting your elbow into the side of the radiator which is not fun at all. You can lay the radiator even farther back, mine is about 15 degrees farther back than yours is and I don’t have any cooling issues even in the 100 degree heat.

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When I used a Civic radiator for karting, I had to mount it the reverse way, outer edge forward.

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How? I dont have a adjustable mount i just have a metal post going to the rear casett

You should be able to move it to another bolt hole farther back. The mount holding the front part of the radiator to the chassis should be able to move if you loosen it and The bar that attaches to the top of the radiator should be able to be moved up and down, it doesn’t have to be a fancy adjustable one, the stock one should move. Attach a picture of where the radiator bolts to the bearing cassette.

I typically mount radiators with three seat struts and rubber isolators, one short one running from the lower inside corner to the frame tab, one longer one running from the upper inside corner to the front of the bearing cassette, and one fairly long one running from the upper outside corner to the back of the bearing cassette.

I will when i come home from school let me see what i have now

This is only pic i have rn maby you will see

Looks normal, you can drill another hole in the support if want it more tilted :grin: