Rain gear riddle me this

Was considering some rain gear and I got to wondering why we don’t use biker stuff?

The “rain suits” from alpinestars etc is nothing more than a plastic shell which they would like you to pay 125 for.


Outta curiousity I googled motorcycling rain suit. There are many solutions that are better/cheaper etc.

Seems like perhaps there’s better rain suits for us endurance kart types than the plastic ones.

Our bicyclist friends ain’t afraid of spending money, though, being lambo drivers and miscreants, generally. However, they do have to go be miserable in the rain frequently and have some nice offerings in the high tech area. These guys seem to make nice stuff:


Admittedly this sort of thing would only fly in a rental race where no one is insisting on abrasion suit. But, you’d think the moto rain shells would be fine.

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One of my friends uses that jacket shell when he drives, he doesn’t race competitively so it works just fine. He likes it especially because it protects his arms from the extremely hot CR125 that’s mounted very close to his elbow (ran his seat really low). Plus you don’t have to wear a whole race suit which is hard to take off even when you aren’t tired and sweaty.

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Yeah I was eyeballing the 2-piece suits as well. For example:


I could pretend play im driving a construction machine and get one of these:

John Deere Unisex High Visability ANSI Class III Rain Suit Jacket and Bib with Color Block, High Visability, Water Resistant, and Reflective 3M Tape, Yellow, Black, Large (JD44530/L) Amazon.com

What I ordered for the enduro this weekend:

Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit; 100% Waterproof, Pants and Jacket Included with Reflective striping (Hi-Viz Yellow/Black, Large) https://a.co/d/bZGqV0T

I am also trying these silicone shoe covers:

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I bought my Sparco rain suit for like $90 brand new so it wasn’t that big of a price difference.

I know plenty of high level guys who still drive in a Walmart poncho, complete with hood.

I never got around to buying a rain suit so I would just get soaked. Figured I’d give it a go this time around but balked at the cost of the karting ones. They just aren’t a good value and feel like a money grab.

As with other “kart” related items when you put the term kart in the description it increases the price. Go with the moto shell and save your money.

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Being Tall and Broad Shouldered, I just wear a WalMart Rain-Coat I had left over from my Duck Hunting days. If I want to feel Real Red-Neck I can wear the Real-Tree one! :rofl:

edit: I think my dad borrowed that one a few years ago and never returned it. Mental note, Repo said property.

2nd edit: Yea, it was a nice one. Gortex, lightweight and water tight. I suspect he will play dumb and not know where it is. :rofl: