Rain resistant kart cover

I store my kart at the track and share space with a friend of mine. When we have both karts in the locker, there isn’t enough room to move around and work on either of the karts. There have been cases where it is raining out and one of us need to work on our karts, and have to push the other out to make room.

Question - does anyone use a kart cover? I’m looking for something that is rain resistant, not to battle the elements all the time, but to protect our carts from getting wet if one needs to sit outside of the garage in the rain for a bit.

What does everybody use?

I google kart cover and the Sparco cart seems to be one of the first covers that pop up, and I can get this locally (Toronto, Canada). The only concern I have with this cover site unseen, is the red or blue material over the steering wheel. It looks like canvas. Is it water repellant?


Or should I focus my efforts on something that is heavyweight polyester with a waterproof backing like this?


I just need something that won’t blow off (like a tarp that we are using now), and will stop the cart from getting wet.

Does anyone have any feedback on the Sparco cover? I know I can get that one locally. If not, what do you recomment?

Many thanks in advance!

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Sparco one is fine. Basically any kart cover will do, they’re all the same.

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Thanks @tjkoyen, just want to ensure that there is a level of rain resistance. The kart won’t be stored outside, but may see rain when it is rolled out of my storage unit. We have two karts in the unit and the space is tight with both in there - if we were working on one kart, the other woudl be out of the unit and might see rain.

Just occurred to me, you could give the material the same treatment used on tents to give it a little extra protection if you like.

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My brother has the sparco one and I have the black one pictured.

As stated both will work to cover and protect the kart. I actually like the black one better because it’s tight fitting, has better elastic around the bottom and due to fit doesn’t flap around like the sparco one when covering a kart in the back of my truck.

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Thanks @Andy_Kutscher, that’s super helpful.

My problem is that I can only find the Sparco cover in Canada. The black one has proven to be more difficult to source here.

Is the material on the Sparco above the steering wheel water resistant?

I’ll have another look for the black one again.

I appreciate your help!

The Sparco cover is a similar material throughout just a different color on the Nassau panel section. It’s sewn like that to fit better over that area.

The cover overall is adequate, but I will say it’s pretty thin and I have rubbed thru it in some places when whipping in the wind while traveling.

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