Rear axle bearing screw alternative

New guy here. I took my kart out for a some driving this past Friday and my rear axle moved on me. Looks like there bearing grub screws weren’t locked in tight enough. I did use blue loctite, so I’m wondering where I went wrong.

My axle got chewed up.

Do you think the axle is salvageable?

Do you have any tips or tricks to make sure the axle is locked in? Does anyone use axle collars to prevent sliding?

I would probably suggest a new axle and keep this as a back up. You can remove the high spots with a file, but being all around the axle might compromise it.

In the future, the set screws should be tight maybe not godzilla tight but more than snug. I will also use Loctite and then black electrical tape around the bearing race covering the set screws. You could also use a zip tie.

I snug grub screws only and use lock collars to prevent side to side movement.

I prefer to use SKF ConCentra bearings, tho.

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Tighten them up as tight as you can (without actually deforming the axle) and then check them every session. I check them constantly because they do tend to fall out with the heat going through the axle.

Also wrap some electrical tape around the collar to help hold them in.

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When you use collars are you using them on both bearings or just on both sides of one bearing?

The axle will be fine if it’s filed smooth to get rid of the stress concentration; the flex in that area will be pretty much eliminated by the bearing clamped to it.

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Thank you for the suggestions and tips. New axle it is.

One per side, either inside or outside.

those are illiegal at national races and i think every race exceop club in sweden

Really? That’s interesting. We don’t have any such rules like that regarding bearings here.

I’m surprised they’re not mandatory on the right side of the axle for KZs, when the axle breaks at the sprocket the right half-axle can be ejected clear through the bearings!