Rear bearing r&r

hi guys, I want to put new rear bearings in my 98 emmick cobra. it has a 1.375 axel. I have it out .Im having trouble getting the bearing out of the cassette. when I raced 78-88 we didnt have cassettes. just 2 flange pieces. the cassette just pivots on the bearing. thanks for any help, I know this is probably simple but i,ve never done cassettes and dont want to damage them , chuck

I don’t know that chassis but on the karts I had you loosen the pinch bolt and the tap the other race to get it to tilt then twist it to line up with the notch and it slides out. Show a picture and maybe we help more.

This may help.

Post a pic as well

thanks sahib and brian. I had no clue there was 2 notches on the cassette Im glad I stopped and ask. I got one out allready. thanks again, chuck ps emmick karts were made for about 34 years on the west coast. good karts

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