Rear bumper bolt snapped - now what?

I posted here about my son busting up his front bumper. I got that pieced together and now I’m back for the sequel, rear bumper this time! Another cadet ran into him while just sitting stopped in the pit lane.

In any case, the bolt sheared off, and now I need to figure out how to fix this. I believe this is the Righetti-style bumper mount. Here’s the remains of the bolt:


I’m not sure how this thing is mounted in. Is it just friction holding it in, or is it screwed into something? Do I need to use an screw extractor, or just drill a bit in and try to yank it out? Drill the rubber out instead (assuming its rubber around the screw)? On the other side of the kart, the bolt doesn’t really budge. Looks like this:


I guess the last bit is what to buy to fix this. I think it might be this, but could use a pointer: link or maybe this link?

A screw extractor shoud work, although you’ll just be using it to get a firm grip on the carriage bolt to pull it and the rubber out.

If the rubber is not too hard, a needle nose plier might work as well since it won’t be under compression.

If it is very tight, apply heat to the tubing to loosen it up.

Just buy a new bolt the same size and length and push back in to fix.

The rubber part compresses as the nut is tightened and is held in place by friction. Therefore is should come out with a little effort. The other option is to push it in and put in a new bumper mount bolt. Kart shops sell the whole assembly.

This video may shed some light but more than likely yours does not have the threaded centering nut, just a centering spacer. You could remove the good one to determine what length you need.

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Tap the bolt out of the rubber with a hammer and punch and it will easily pull out of there if not fall out.

As Tyler said. Use a center punch or large drift and try to pound the bolt forward out of the rubber. That bolts basically tightens and compresses the rubber making it wider. This friction is all that holds that in. Once the bolt is out the pressure is off the rubber.

It worked! Just used a flat screwdriver as a punch, and hammered it in about an inch. That was enough to get some leverage on the rubber and pull it out. Some of the pieces were grinded from dragging, so I’ll just replace all the bits. Thanks all!


It’s the best feeling in the world when you get a stripped/rounded/ or completely fudged bolt out. Makes you want to run around and eat some cake.