Rear bumper tech question


I am new and wanting to buy this ride but have never seen a bumper like this, its a CRG, all I have seen is the wide plastic bumpers. Is this ok or requre a different one?


Would need to check with your local series you want to run in. Most will require that 1/2 of the rear wheel be covered, which that wouldnt be legal.

Thats what I thot, thanks for the reply '98

Full-width plastic bumpers became the norm in most organizations around 2009-2010. Karts from before that period had a standard metal hoop like in the photo.

As Chris said, local series may not require the full-width bumper, but these days most places probably will require some kind of rear wheel protection, whether it’s plastic or metal hoop.

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Im thinking a full is gunna have to happen if I can get on for a 2006 kart. Thanks for the reply TJ

Series I run the kart has to have a chassis homologation 2010 or newer, with a certificate issued every three years. You might want to check that also.

@Richard_Jacques what series do you run? That’s interesting that they enforce a minimum homologation period so I’m guessing it’s at a high level?

@DonDDR for sure check with the track you plan to run on whether you need a “full” bumper or not. The bumpers are available as metal or plastic, but I would also check if metal is allowed, just in case.

Just looking at the kart generally…

  • Rotax is the prior version so if you plan to race, not sure it will be too competitive; the radiator looks crooked. It might be aftermarket.
  • it does not have seat struts, might ask the owner why
  • brake rotor looks unusually large but hard to see
  • seat seems pretty far forward; it is quite a wrap-around seat
  • the wheels are a nice color. :grinning:

A full bumper conversion would be $110-135 for the bumper and $60-80 for the hardware. And you would have to move the exhaust support to another point. If you really like the kart, tell the owner to go halvies with you.

@KartingIsLife IAME National

Excellent reply Paul. First point, I am 55 and new to this and its gunna be faster than me for a season. Rad is crooked as well as a bunch of other weird stuff. 2nd, PO never raced it doubt he would know why the struts are not there. I know nothing about them. 3rd, brake rotor is roughly 8", if it passes tech is bigger brakes a bad thing? 4th, seat fits me very well and I adjusted the foot controls back some cause they were too far forward for me, I am 5’ 11", kart seems to fit me much better than expected. The wheels have to go, PO just had them done but I want white or silver. Gotta get painted like my road race motorcycle. Trying to learn about the bumper stuff but looking around I figured a few hun to address that issue. The exhaust supports are caca and wrong anyway.
A guy on youtube has 2 videos, before the race and after the race, I learned ALOT. I have raced cars and 3 different disciplines of bikes. I know everyone says karts are not the same but I have a base and understating of what to show up to the track with or fix all the weirdness before one even loads up. I am at driving school tomorrow then will try to find locals that can tune me up so I can tune the kart proper. I do understand its a very steep learning curve, much more complex than racing my sport bike.


Welcome to the old boys club Don. Just turned 50 myself, I started karting ‘properly’ only last year.

Wheel def have to go - they look like LEGO.

Seat struts i found help massively - the team says never only put one side tho.

I didnt like the wheels and now LEGO I hate them, Ill look into seat struts, its on the list.
Thanks for the welcome to the “old boys club”, just got back from my first kart outing, driving school, well worth the 160 bux but that 9hp rental kart beat the shit out of me,

Don, get a rib protector if you haven’t got one yet. It is incredibly easy to bruise/tear/break a rib. This will take you out of action for months.

-Fellow old guy.


I was using an Alpine Stars rib vest n still getting injuries. Switched to a Bengio recently, no more injuries

Yes I will, seat fitment and rib vest is very important that no one seems to talk about.

Fellow old guy! Haha. I took this up cause I thot it would be easier and safer than racing my sport bike at the open track, and I was wrong,

Get that a lot. So many folks think of a kart as kids toy. How hard can it be right?

My heart rate regularly hits 190! Did you try the two stroke yet?

And boy if you thought the rental beat you up…:face_with_head_bandage:

But stick with it, you’ll build muscles in the right places n it gets easier.

Shit not yet, the 9hp rental was more than expected, it did have a flat power curve that made it drive able, 2t is gunna be way different keep it on the pipe thru all different speeds. This is gunna be a fun challenge.

I didnt know how many people take this very serious until I started in, its bad ass,