Rear Chassis Broke

image Birel R30 Chassis

**A fix

What is circled in green is the piece that broke. Has this happened to anyone before? Is this structural? I have a buddy that is a welder and can weld it up, I’m just wondering if it will affect the rest of the chassis or if it is purely for mounting the read pod to?

As the break is behind the bearing hanger, I doubt a weld will have any adverse effect .
I would ‘sleeve’ the joint internally with a tight fitting tube,and weld away. Probably be better than new.


Good to hear, thanks for the reply!!

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Your sprockets and chain need replacing as well, i can see the gap half way around the sprocket.


A weld will be of no concern. I do however have to agree that your sprocket has a lot of ware.

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It’s definitely structural with the bearing hanger and engine mounting there, but as a few have mentioned, it will weld up just fine to get a few more miles out of it. I especially like John’s suggestion of sleeving it.

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Yea, I just replaced it this weekend. I’m new and my son has been driving the crap out of this thing! Thanks for the reply!


Hi Victor, I had a problem with my shifter and yes I did put sleeves inside my tubing. I bent and cracked both tubes ahead of the cross tube where the engine mount goes. I was able to straighten the tubes and then put sleeves in both tubes and weld it back up. I had a machinist turn down tubing so it fit tight inside of my tubes. I ended up with internal tubing around .085 thousandths wall thickness. So far I have had not problems. Good luck. All the best Mike

Weld and send it.

One of our local points champions welded his chassis a couple inches behind the RF spindle C and still won most of the races. I’ve seen a lot of karts break in front of the bearing hanger, get welded, and lose no speed. Keep it simple and keep sending it.