Rear Hubs - How much do you like to cover the axle?

Just curious to see people’s opinions on how much they would risk running the hubs out?

I personally like to make sure the axle goes into my hub at least 50mm. I use axle spacers so I can calculate this easy enough.

Would you run your hubs with less than 50mm of an axle within the hub?

You can go a lot less. The hubs I like are only 35mm wide:

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As long as my pinch bolt in on the axle… Send.


What category?

I run KZ, so I prefer some meat on the hub. Maybe I’m too cautious

I don’t suspect you’ll have a real-world scenario in KZ where you’d have any issues.

Even if running a short axle (1000mm), standard hub (90mm), high-backspacing wheel (Freeline DF), and MAX rear width (1400mm), that would still leave you with 30mm of axle inside the hub.

Generally in KZ you’ll be running a 1040 axle, or maaaybe a 1020, so that gives you plenty of meat left inside the hub.


A few people in my class (X30) have cut down axles (1000mm), mine is 1040mm. What do shorter axles actually achieve?

There’s some good info already out there if you search the forums. I’ve had good results with cut axles in X30, for certain conditions.

Thanks, I’m just charting up my measurements with spacers and hub combinations. So on race day it saves me measuring. Quick changes.

I was a little cautious, I’ll think I’ll keep a min of 40mm now. That covers all my possible scenarios really.

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