Rear tire width? 6” or 7”?

What are advantages disadvantages to 6 inch versus 7 inch rear tire width. Margay ignite came with 6, buying addl wheels for a race set, should i stick with the 6 or go 7.1?

What clsss and tires are you running. I’m guessing 206, but want to be sure.

Some series and tracks mandate 7.10’s. some mandate 6.00’s.

Most of the time, you’re gonna run the tires on the same 212mm wheel, tho. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes i am running 206 heavy

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At what track? If you are running ignite masters, the spec wheel is the wider wheel.

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Bushnell… I guess Margay was out of the 7.1 when shipped… so it has the 6

I also race at Buchnell. I would recommend the 212 mm with rims for Bushnell. Running the Vega Red have a softer side wall therefore the wider rim will help. If you go to Anderson you have to run the 180 mm rear wheels. They also mandate MG tires

the shop used the wider 212 wheel, but stayed with the 6.0 tires. so there you go… guessing that’s a good set up … I do believe they know what they are doing. I’m a rookie completely clueless lol