Rear Track width adjustment options for 1-1/4 inch axles

Hey folks. My son (early 20’s) and I are just getting into karts. We picked up a used Coyote for CIK/LO206 and I have a few questions about rear track width. The kart has a 40 inch, 1-1/4 inch axle. With 7.75 wheels on a 2.5 inch offset so my rear track ends up at 50-3/8 inches. Looks like the longest axle Coyote sells is 42 inches and I see Comet Karts sells a 44 inch (only in .190 wall thickness) .

As per the AKRA rules, American axles require a snap ring on each end so I don’t think I can use spacers and slide the hub out to get extra track width. My questions are are my assumptions/rule interpretation correct? Are my options for widening rear track width limited to axle length?



If you have to run the snap ring where you race, you’re stuck changing the axle length to go wider on what you have.

If you run the 44", you’ll be able to go wider than you’ll ever actually run on a 1.25" probably.

Thanks for the confirmation Mathew. We run AKRA rules so the snap ring is required.

Anyone out there know the background on why snap rings are required for the american axles?

Honestly 50 seems pretty wide for a coyote. I’m assuming you’re on a widetrack?

What is happening that you want to go wider? What tire are you running?

2018 Combat. We have no time on the Kart right now and I have zero practical knowledge. If I’m interpreting my rule book correctly, minimum rear track for CIK/LO206 is 50 inches with a maximum of 55-1/8. I’m planning on 6 inch wide Hoosier R80’s in the back. We’ll be running on a road racing course.

All my knowledge is internet at this point although I am starting to make some contacts in the club. Just info gathering at this point getting ready for next spring so any input is appreciated!

I am not familiar with the road racing side of things. I didn’t realize they had a minimum width on CIK.

Reach out to Regan Vehring. He is big on the road racing side of things and can help you out.

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Appreciate your help!


Well I contacted the folks at Coyote. Looks like they don’t like the 1-1/4 axle for any track width over 50 inches. Too flexible. I may be doing a 40mm conversion over the winter. $$$ School of hard knocks… :slight_smile:

Where do you plan on racing ?

Summit Point with the Woodbridge Kart Club