Reasonably Priced Custom Helmet Paint Job

Any recommendations for custom helmet paint jobs at reasonable prices? Looking to do a simple Senna paint job no sponsors just design.

Thanks Guys!

What’s your budget? (20 char)

Id like to know also, Something like kyvats helmet seems simple and cool.

Something under $400 ideally

Probably best bet is finding a local body shop guy or hobby painter. Pretty easy job for someone who knows how to use a brush/gun.

You could try Airhead Designs. He’s out of Northern WI and does some really good work. $400 may be hard to do but give him your budget and he may be able to work something up for you. 715-784-0006

He did my Sons Zamp.

They are in Canada but you could try Excalibur Airbrushing. They painted my helmet (design by @tjkoyen) and did a great job for about $700CAD and mine is more complex then what you are asking for.

You should get these to go with helmet.


Tha’ts a nice helmet graphic. Have any more pics?

BTW, any idea what something like this might cost?:

If it’s just a simple Senna replica, you might consider vinyl work with a clear coat over the top rather than painted, you’ll find it about a third of the price of a paint job. Any one who does automotive vinyl work should be able to do it. Just an option to consider. You can also consider a combination - paint the yellow base color then vinyl the design and finally clear coat.

It looks like its chromed so, from a reputable helmet painter, probably between $2k and $4k depending on how reputable.

The fella who runs our program surprised the boys in the tent by doing vinyl designs on their helmets for them. They look great and are a huge improvement from plain old white. Also, you don’t have to worry about the beautiful paint job. So, pretty nice option.

When those showed up online, Randy, said I WANT THOSE!! :smile:

Lol so did I and then I talked myself out of it!

I bought them. They are awesome. Everyone at the track was like where do I get em.

My vinyl Gas Monkey helmet. I love it :smiley:

So, an order of magnitude on the cost of the helmet…? I guess it was an interesting thought exercise.

Gotta wonder if the cost of a vinyl wrap would be a little more down to earth. The constant curvature of the helmet surface has to make a surface overlay application a real challenge.

I have never understood how when I put a small sticker on its wrinkled but the bell challenger is one giant sticker.

Material plays a huge part of it. Some sticker material isn’t designed to stretch and conform to curves. Car wrapping vinyl is very workable but is also pretty thin. If you want a helmet wrapped with a one off full design and you don’t have experience with wrapping curved surfaces, it’d be well worth it to take it to a local wrap place to do it for you. If you’re doing something simple like a Senna helmet, buy enough materials to do the helmet a few times and give it a shot yourself. You’ll probably mess up the first couple tries and start to figure out little tricks to make it look better and be easier.

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Chrome is a pretty daunting process that not every painter has the tools (or patience) to do. For me, it adds $500 to the price, no matter what. It’s expensive to do and difficult to perfect.

Vinyl is cheaper, the finish won’t be as a nice as a true clear coat, you’ll have some seams and overlap, and in general the whole job won’t be as symmetrical, nor will the lines land exactly where you want them. Not to mention, wrapping wing kits or vents is pretty much out of the question, whereas you can paint those. It is great for some simpler designs. That’s where it’s most cost effective.

Don’t listen to me though, I’m biased. :shushing_face::wink: