Rebel Scum Endurance Karting 6 hrs of ATL

The drive down should be fun. 14 hours with Elias and Andre in a sedan. That’s a lot of farts.

Marc, wisely, is flying down. We are going to head down Thursday and do Friday practice.

Marc had indicated a desire to win the race. I think we concur on this point.

We now must execute on this detailed plan.

I think this is my racing now… supercharged leagues for my regular and a bunch of these enduros, annually.

Are you going to be at amp Friday?

Yes! We are driving down Thursday and will do Friday practice. Are you running as well? This complicates step 2 of “the plan”.

No sir I’m actually headed to road Atlanta for the scca race Friday but going to stop by on my way and look at some karts and talk to some people who are already into karting

Great place to do it. Really nice facility! Have fun and hope it works out. Look for the guy in the lakers (yellow) sweatsuit and say hi if you see me around pits Friday! I’ll introduce you to the gang I’m racing with.

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Anyone else heading down? I think we have a full house:

I am partial to the “Rat Finks”.
“Formula None” is pretty great


Ok so…

Flights are pretty cheap… I’m gonna play the game of seeing about last minute tix.

Prestige worldwide is pretty good

Indeed. Supreme meets Gucci perhaps.

I’m considering trying kerb abuse in a practice session.

In sim, the absolute fastest way through the final turn is to lop the nose off the apex and basically jump the grass with 2 wheels. There’s also a kick from the kerb that happens when driven rear wheel passes over it.

I’m tempted to play with this at amp irl. I will have to see the kerbs though. Iirc they are quite nasty irl.

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Good luck for friday ! And if you ever need reference : vlc-record-2021-10-24-20h31m20s-CMBX0009.MOV-


Merci, mon Cher Ami!

I will miss you out there! I think you’d enjoy racing with Marc. He seems a lot like you, competitively and in background.

I will be racing on Sunday, in the rain :grin:


Bonne chance et bon courage! :baguette_bread:

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A Rebel Scum Mystery:

Chief Inspector Shirley asks how rubbet could build on the inside edge of this turn.

Just left amp what a beautiful track I can not wait to get my own kart and start karting in the upcoming winter and summer series


It’s a very nice place and probably ideal for getting going. We were also very fortunate to have lovely weather today! I’m glad you found a nice way to get started.

Not gonna lie, I may have to inquire about those condos.

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Having driven through the night, we arrived before dawn and slept a bit at the entrance. When the facility open up we had a little look-see. We enjoyed a spectacular Georgia sunrise, which would soon warm the frost covered track. Despite it being freezing in the pre-dawn hours, we enjoyed a high of 70f today!

While we waited for the owner karts to finish up, we helped Chris unload the trucks before practice. This ended up being a big-brain move as he gifted us a free practice session, which was much needed.

Speaking of which, we did 3 heats. It was awesome! It’s so pretty and the track is so fun. I think the Scum experiencing it for the first time were quite taken with the track.

We race tomorrow, so, more adventures to come.


Driver meeting

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