REBEL scum RACES extremezone 3hours

:ninja:REBEL SCUM :pirate_flag: is fielding 2 teams.

:checkered_flag: Come fight us. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :facepunch:

:goat:Ninja Strike Force: Marc and @nikspeeds
:ram:The Enforcers: Ryan and @AndreLafond and @Bimodal_Rocket

pinterest has all sorts of good stuff. Heres a possum by April Cobbini



We appear to be now running two teams of 2.

The plan, such as it is…

Andre and Marc go for the W. Take the two pro guys and let them be their pro selves. Have at it, fellas. The unknown is the competition. I suppose we will have fast locals to contend with.

I wonder what they will decide for quali:

Andre is younger and has better knees and it’s a Le Mans start.

Marc is expert at quali type runs. The man typically gets his fastest lap in his opening 5 laps. Something about England being cold a lot and learning to heat tires up I bet.

I will therefore partner with @nikspeeds, whose pace of late has been rather good. We will be in gas karts, however, which will be a bit of a change from the torquey electrics. So, we shall see how Nik adapts. I suppose just fine, as it is not his first gas rodeo.

Weight is 200lbs minimum.

I think Marc is under 200 and Andre for sure is. I am, but Nik isn’t, so that’s a thing. We shall see how it works out. I will pay attention because it seems to me that the electric fleets favor “masters” type weight. Let’s see how my pace compares to Nik, given our weight differential. (Let’s assume for a moment we drive equally, generally).

The other fly in the ointment is that:

A) quali is 8:45am in Delaware
B) we’ve never been there

In contemplating getting a hotel and heading down Saturday with whomever is available scum-wise and doing some reconnoitering.

Rules are relatively straightforwards:

9 stops required.
All stops are kart swaps
The stops are 2 mins

So, that’s basically a stop every 18mins. But not a driver change. We could drive straight thru the 1.5 hrs each or alternate here and there. It doesn’t add to time to switch since it’s set at 2 mins.


18mins… pit in… 2 min hold and release.


Same but…
Last pit in can’t be with 2 mins to go lol. Maybe float this one as a possible earlier one or cram it in with 10 to go.


Meeting Andre at 4 and maybe I let him drive the 911. We will investigate track and do a bunch of practice sessions, eat, collapse.

Race in am. Scum will assemble 8am methinks. Quali 8:45.


Nice Poster!
Wishing you guys a good kart pick, and good luck! :+1:



This is gonna be fun. And a bit nuts. It’s a bit like stepping back in time. The joint appears to be operated by a gang of young folk with very loose procedures etc. it’s great fun and a breath of fresh air after the automation and efficiency of supercharged.

The track is tight. Passing will be a real problem. Stay tuned.

I did well. I placed 2nd behind the fella who works there, who was very nice. Andre had lousy kart and then a flat tire, lol. It was great fun, tho!


We’re 5 mins from the track. See you there.

Crazy ass shitshow. For some reason a bunch of moisture appeared on track, seeping up or something. Pure chaos. Details at 11. (Much fun being had however).


Glad to hear you guys had fun… while you had a chance.
Nothing quite like height of the cold war humor. :grin:

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Probably in the top 5 of most chaotic races I’ve ever done so far lmao. For the first half of the race, the first sector was like karting on slicks in the wet. Except with there being no wet line. It got better later on but off line was super low grip. Lots of fun though

It was a great and terrible race, simultaneously.

We had some really bad luck, of sorts, but we also had a stupidly fun race, once that couldn’t happen at 99% of facilities.

So the basic gist is that someone put some sort of product/cleaner on the track to make it grippier. However, all of the moisture that occurred over night led to the concrete tracks somehow having water become part of the process and it failed spectacularly.

Making an impact

So, Sunday am, we are supposed to quali… and the track is an ice rink. I swear I saw @KartingIsLife taking notes. It was pretty funny because the track consists of a high speed blast that feeds you into a left/right/right/left super tight complex which is best approached… In a 4-wheel drift

Needless to say, this was really, really fun.

Hitting the wall EOS full throttle wasn’t so fun (my front end got air). Also, hitting the wall hard enough a second time managed to knock the 360 cam off!

Fortunately, the track developed. As we drove, the track got much better. The greasy areas got smaller and smaller.

I finally got to race toe-to-toe with Marc and Andre a bit. I think I managed to dump Andre once (yay Team!). Otherwise he toodled on by. I also finally had a bunch of laps with Marc. I did not dump him but did badger him for a while.

Racing with Marc

I am proud of this. I think this is solid racing. Marc takes a page from @tjkoyen playbook and effects a beautiful “pick” on me. I tried to get under the guy into the fast sweeper but Marc timed his pass just right and my attempt was blocked.

The racing was RUFF. You kind of needed to move folks since it was tight. I was not aggressive enough always… sometimes I’d settle in behind a guy instead of just pushing them mercilessly. Eventually I’d lose my patience and force the issue. But, it was a grey area kind of day. Some folks definitely went wider than they would have liked due to me. Same came around to me and everyone else I think.

Another brick in the wall

At one beautiful point we had both Scum teams up front, 1-2. Alas, we ultimately finished 3rd and 5th, I think we could have had a better result but the day was so nuts.

While we qualified first, the start was a disaster and we ended up starting 7th. Then they screwed up the timing and we had basically two restarts. Our strategy initially paid off as we had chosen to early pit which were then turned into a sort of penalty when they did the restart. We ended up having to cram two stops in at the end and they held us for much longer than necessary. Oh well.

But, who cares. The race itself was bananas, and very memorable. It’s not every day you get to send it on soap bubbles.

Marc and Andre did as expected. They were in contention for the win and had some operational bad luck. But, good job on podium, Gentlemen Scum.

The Scum clean up crew did surprisingly well, looking like podium for a while there. But it was not to be with the long holds. Oh well. Nik and Ryan both drove well, Ryan managed to have a really spectacular crash in the slippery sessions, managing to get the kart stuck up on the wall! It was that kind of a day! Awesome job despite the crash.

I think each of us had at least one big shunt, good times since we all walked away safely.

Much footage to come with many crashes and nuts passes.

Final heat (dry track)

2nd heat (good track but still moments)

Gopro go bye


See you next race…

And, to all my new subscribers and viewers,… Thank you. Almost to 500.




Cool! Interested to see how it turns out!

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My steering wheel will be fabulously well lit.