Rebuild intervals for tillotson-hw27(x30)


How often do I need to re-build my tillotson carburettor for my x30, as a rule of thumb ??
I´m only a club driver, so no high levels…

And is it best to use a complete kit like this, every time ?? :
Or could the “two” diaphragm do ?
Diaphragm TILLOTSON - 237.600 (HW-27A) | 4.40€ | The Go-kart less expensive :
Diaphragm TILLOTSON - 237.162 (HW-27A) | 2.95€ | The Go-kart less expensive :


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I ran a Tillotson 334AB, very similar to the HW27 with a smaller venturi. I generally replaced full kit every 3 or 4 hours of run time. I would occasionally check it every 2 hours of run time, clean and blow it out, but the diaphragms didn’t start to sag until the 3 or 4 hour mark. They were OE kits. Aftermarkets may not last as long.

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At club level, overhaul it whenever you do a bottom end on the engine. Every 30 hours or so.

I’ve never had any issues with it

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Thanks guys…

20 char…

Just to add - do regular pop off checks, every 3-4 hours. If it goes outside of 8-12 range give it a service, it shouldn’t though.

What should my pop off be ?

Depends on you, some like it low at 8 some like it high at 12.

10 is generally accepted as normal, if it’s less than 8 or more than 12 then you need to look into why

Look for power republic rebuild vid

10 psi or ?

20 charr

Yeah sorry. Psi

20 char

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Btw. Is it with high and low jet closed ? Or just with my normal setting for high and low

You want them open, normal settings on the screws is fine.

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And just on the fuel inlet

Yep. Making sure your keep fuel or WD40 In there.

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