Rebuild intervals for tillotson-hw27(x30)


How often do I need to re-build my tillotson carburettor for my x30, as a rule of thumb ??
I´m only a club driver, so no high levels…

And is it best to use a complete kit like this, every time ?? :
Or could the “two” diaphragm do ?
Diaphragm TILLOTSON - 237.600 (HW-27A) | 4.40€ | The Go-kart less expensive :
Diaphragm TILLOTSON - 237.162 (HW-27A) | 2.95€ | The Go-kart less expensive :


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I ran a Tillotson 334AB, very similar to the HW27 with a smaller venturi. I generally replaced full kit every 3 or 4 hours of run time. I would occasionally check it every 2 hours of run time, clean and blow it out, but the diaphragms didn’t start to sag until the 3 or 4 hour mark. They were OE kits. Aftermarkets may not last as long.

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At club level, overhaul it whenever you do a bottom end on the engine. Every 30 hours or so.

I’ve never had any issues with it

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Thanks guys…

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Just to add - do regular pop off checks, every 3-4 hours. If it goes outside of 8-12 range give it a service, it shouldn’t though.

What should my pop off be ?

Depends on you, some like it low at 8 some like it high at 12.

10 is generally accepted as normal, if it’s less than 8 or more than 12 then you need to look into why

Look for power republic rebuild vid

10 psi or ?

20 charr

Yeah sorry. Psi

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Btw. Is it with high and low jet closed ? Or just with my normal setting for high and low

You want them open, normal settings on the screws is fine.

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And just on the fuel inlet

Yep. Making sure your keep fuel or WD40 In there.

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This is a pretty good guideline. For heavy racing or bigger competition, we generally recommend changing the diaphragms and gaskets after each race weekend, but for more casual use, every 2-4 races is fine. And, yes, check them at intervals and if they are sagging or deformed, replace them. The “DG” kits with just the diaphragms and gaskets should be fine for that sort of maintenance. You only need the full “RK” kits you referenced if the needle and seat aren’t holding pressure or are damaged, but we do recommend a full RK replacement once a season in any event.


Do you have a part number for that “DG” kit ??? Is it this one, and will it work for the x30 tillotson carb. ? :

Btw. Last time I was on the track, one of the racers told me to do a popoff on the inlet, after end of race day, to take of the “pressure” of the diaphragm. Is this true, and does it do a difference.


DG-3HW for the diaphragm and gasket kit; RK-6HW for the full repair kit