Rebuilding Second-Hand Rotax as a Beginner

Hi everyone! I’m new to karting and was hoping to get a bit of help with some questions I have! I currently do 600cc sidecar racing in the Northern sidecar cup and European sidecar trophy, but this year I’m also going to drive a 2stroke on the side. I recently purchased a second hand Birel Rotax Max senior, it was in pretty “good” shape, at least engine runs well and the frame is good. But a lot of stuff needs changing. So I’m rebuilding the entire kart and changing out all the old parts.
So from sidecar racing I have experience with most of the maintenance, but I’m running into some kart-specific things that I can’t figure out.

  • The championship I will join (NXT GP) has a mandatory tire compound, so we have to use Maxxis supersport tires, for the people that have experience with this tire, what rim should I use and why?
    Also have to run Maxxis mw rain tires, can I run the same diameter for those?

  • I have to swap out the brake disk, since the whole system is a bit old I was thinking of just swapping out the whole system for a new one. Is there something I have to keep in mind when picking a new brake system? I saw complete system by righetti ridolfi for a pretty good price. Good idea or not?

Is there something else which, as someone who is new to karting, might forget to check/replace before starting the season?

Really appreciate every bit of help :slight_smile:

Greetings Calvin. I would look for a kart shop that does frame straightening to see if the frame is not twisted, bent or cracked. Check for bent king-pins and bearings in the spindles that are worn. Replace the axle bearings while you have it apart.

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a good seat that is in the correct size for your body is critical for a good and fast ride , so dont forget to work on that also . here is some info for the job .

check also this link that you can work with the engine maintenance . i suppose you got the rotax max evo engine edition . if you have the non evo engine you sould look for the rotax max fr 125 manuals .

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