Recommend a tool for #35 Chain master link removal

i saw a few online, any recommendations or easy home made tool tips out there? thanks in advance.

The actual master link? Or putting a chain together without the master link?

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When the master link is already in the chain, and you’re unhooking it. I saw some pliers in a motorcycle video, and some pliers on Amazon. I can’t tell if they work on all chain. I’m pretty quick with a chain breaker, but thought I’d give a master link a try cuz I’ll be taking my chain off a lot more.

I use needle nose pliers on any master link clips I have to deal with.

That said, I only run master links on 428 shifter chain. 35 and 219 are chain breaker only.

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I’ve used a bicycle master link, but not for the 35 pitch karting chain. It’s a slightly different approach to the master link design. I use flat nose pliers I found and the hardware store and that design works perfectly for the 35 master links.

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Now that I’m used to it, pretty much any pliers, needle nose or regular, work.