Recommendation for a good Inch/Pound torque wrench?

Sounds like having a good torque wrench for karting is a good idea, in order to keep the kart from rattling itself apart. I’m familiar with torque wrenches that adjust in “foot pounds” (Lb/Ft), but I’m seeing torque specs in “inch pounds”. Will I find a torque wrench that measures “Lb/In” at my local Auto Zone?

For inch pound I prefer dial type. I am not confident in the accuracy of clicker styles that low. I use CDI Torque 3002LDIN.

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I have a blue point click wrench, same as I use for working on planes.

You should always select a wrench with the desired torque at the upper end of its range. For example if you need to apply 80lbin use a 0-100 or 0-200 range wrench, not a 0-1000. Lower end is where you get inaccuracy

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Those also utilize spring tension for torque setting, but I do like the greater level of measured precision the CDI offers.

That raises another question: Is a 1/4" drive sufficient? Or should I get 3/8"? Looking at this one…

I don’t think there’s anything you really need a 3/8 drive for to be honest. Maybe if you’re gonna get into engine stripping but day to day stuff no

In full disclosure we use clickers at work, and I have at home also. But I had access to a test tool to confirm the calibration of the tool regularly. Without that I am not as confident with clickers that could accidently be left under tension, affecting calibration. I would feel better about split beam style (my preferred for ft/lbs). My experience still has been that sometimes I do not hear click on low inch/lbs.

I think there was a topic on this board somewhere about this. I use a 1/4” click type torque wrench for engine work suck as torquing jugs, heads, or exhaust manifolds (very important and needs to be inch pounds).

I don’t use a torque wrench on chassis bolts as I could never find a spec and some vary on that you want them to be barely loose while others should be tight.