Recommendation for a good Inch/Pound torque wrench?

Sounds like having a good torque wrench for karting is a good idea, in order to keep the kart from rattling itself apart. I’m familiar with torque wrenches that adjust in “foot pounds” (Lb/Ft), but I’m seeing torque specs in “inch pounds”. Will I find a torque wrench that measures “Lb/In” at my local Auto Zone?

For inch pound I prefer dial type. I am not confident in the accuracy of clicker styles that low. I use CDI Torque 3002LDIN.

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I have a blue point click wrench, same as I use for working on planes.

You should always select a wrench with the desired torque at the upper end of its range. For example if you need to apply 80lbin use a 0-100 or 0-200 range wrench, not a 0-1000. Lower end is where you get inaccuracy

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Those also utilize spring tension for torque setting, but I do like the greater level of measured precision the CDI offers.

That raises another question: Is a 1/4" drive sufficient? Or should I get 3/8"? Looking at this one…

I don’t think there’s anything you really need a 3/8 drive for to be honest. Maybe if you’re gonna get into engine stripping but day to day stuff no

In full disclosure we use clickers at work, and I have at home also. But I had access to a test tool to confirm the calibration of the tool regularly. Without that I am not as confident with clickers that could accidently be left under tension, affecting calibration. I would feel better about split beam style (my preferred for ft/lbs). My experience still has been that sometimes I do not hear click on low inch/lbs.

I think there was a topic on this board somewhere about this. I use a 1/4” click type torque wrench for engine work suck as torquing jugs, heads, or exhaust manifolds (very important and needs to be inch pounds).

I don’t use a torque wrench on chassis bolts as I could never find a spec and some vary on that you want them to be barely loose while others should be tight.

I invested in the snap on click type many years ago,one goes up to 200 inch pounds and the other goes to a 1000 both of these will cover any kart engine and shifter kart engines,Im the only one that has ever used them,the larger one that goes to 1000 is sometimes used in larger engines,motorcycle ,auto,marine, these have served me well,that is what I use.

It’s important to know that bolt and nut prep as well as torquing procedure can play a big part. I have seen tons of guys moving to fast and thinking that just because it clicks it’s at the right torque. It takes a lot of force to get the booth to start rotating (even more If the treats are dirty) and this torque does not = bolt stretch.