Recommendations for arrive and drive shop in Los Angeles area


I am just getting into the sport and wanted to know if anyone here local to Los Angeles/Southern California/Orange County had recommendations for a shop to hire for arrive and drive practice sessions, specifically for LO-206? Thank you.

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Jim Hall in Oxnard offers a two part class that will get you started. They run iame100cc karts. It’s not too expensive, think like 350 for each class. So a full day 2 classes is around 700 bucks iirc.

Edit: overstated the cost: they show the full day class at 450

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I don’t have any specific recommendations, but here is a list of karting businesses within 250 miles of SF from the KartPulse business directory:

Worth giving them a call, or checking out their online presence (where applicable)

Give Andy Seesemann a call at Full Throttle Karting in Orange County:

Andy has been at this a long time and has got hundreds of people started in the sport. He will take care of you!

I believe Jim Hall has closed down recently. That iv s where I got my start! We did a two day school when I was very young.

Nope! He restructured to a private club format. He upgraded the track and they now have better facilities. He just doesn’t do the arrive and drive at the pier. They still do the classes etc. I’m headed there in dec for a few days, they just don’t know it yet.