Recommended seat for briggs 206

Hey guys,

Just wondering what are guys in the states using in terms of brand/model of seat for briggs 206 application? Specifically 206 junior and senior.

Interested to hear what the 206 gurus have to say.


This is a chassis, class, track, and weight dependent question. Got any details? Tillett t11t or vg(less grip) seats are common.

Hey Noah sure

CRG 32mm chassis
Junior 206 - 320lbs weight limit
Green track with very little grip
MG red tires

CRG uses Tillett seats usually for their karts. I would recommend going with either the T11VG or the T11T. The T appears to be their standard stiffness seat, while the VG is a bit more flexible, or at least that’s what I can figure out from their website.

@chris1388 the most popular seats (in terms of sales) seem to be:

-NEK Z2 modulate (34 degree)
-tillett t11t or VG.
-a variety of IMAF seats like a silver, or gold, or F6 variants.

One seat often overlooked but a great option for overstuck karts is the 0039 line of seats by RLV / VLR. We’ve tried those in several chassis and they are very, very soft and some drivers really like them.

Thanks for all the input guys…i want to veer a little now since I’ve gotten a sense of manufacturer/model to stiffness.

I noticed Noah up above mentioned vg(less grip)…vg would be considered a soft seat.

Is it correct in saying for a 4 stroke application softer would aid in high grip situations while stiffer would do the opposite.

@Aaron_Hachmeister_13 the T11t is medium soft seat…it falls in between their standard and vg (soft) seats

It depends on chassis material and tubing, but generally yes in my experience the tillet t11vg is a soft seat. Not always, I have no expierence with CRG, but with OTK, softer generally equals more grip, and stiffer is less grip. Every chassis is different. This is where testing data comes into place. You have to test and take notes. If you have more axles that is a great way to test which way adds grip and removes grip, and as you are on harder tires, a green track, and crg 32mm chassis. It might be a good idea to start on the tillett t11t. I would see what your driver thinks after testing the seat, then buy a t11vg as well to compare and see which is better. I don’t know CRG well, but Aaron is right, the tillett t11t is a common seat used.

I race WF (4 stroke) and I use NEK Z2 modulate. Its served me well so far. slight crack from a big crash which hasnt grown since. Ive had no other seat but the NEK has served me well so far

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It is true that a softer seat tends to lean towards more grip and a stiffer seat does the opposite. That being said most companies that make a 4 cycle specific chassis recommend a harder seat. Since the engine doesn’t make as much power and corner speeds are lower you don’t want to make the chassis too flexible. If you go too far to the extreme the chassis will bind a lot easier and it will kill any mid corner speed you have. I had some some testing with this a few years ago when I had a 206 specific chassis and what manufacturers recommend was the best option, I know big surprise.

Softer on axles and chassis yes but the seat is tricky because most of the karts weight is in it, which can make it hard to determine what it does. In my expierence the t11vg seat removes sidebite and grip and the t11t(stiffer) adds grip. There is an idea the the softer seats allow the seat struts to flex the seat more where as a stiffer seat will transfer the weight immediately. Granted all of my data is on 2 cycle chassis but I have heard that on a 4 cycle specific that the softer axles free up the go kart, but remember that they are built differently than a 2 stroke.

From what I’ve seen a soft axle and stiff seat seem to be pretty common in 206.

From what I have heard, four stroke chassis are freed up by a softer axle and stiff seat would make since. Since tuning with axles and seats is totally chassis specific. Testing for this is will get you the answer you are looking for.

Ok well I’m pretty much confused on which way to go for my application which is a bit of an oddball being a 32mm chassis with 206 engine. I do not have the budget to go testing each seat so I think I’m gonna go down the middle and just get the medium flex T11t…thanks for all the input guys


That is a great place to start!

With a 32 chassis I ran a VG seat. And if I needed to stiffen it up I ran struts. This was under the advisement of my local shop however. His theory was since it’s already a stiff chassis the seat could be used to free it up. If it was to free, we could add struts to stiffen it up. I’m new and just starting to understand this stuff. Just my .02

Thanks for the input much appreciated