Recommended spark plug gap for iame x30 super?

Hello there ! Im trying to find whats the correct spark plug gap for iame x30 super , or for iame x30 125cc engine but didn’t have any luck on the web .

Whats your usual gap on those engines ?

Thanks in advance . Cheerrs from greece

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Funny, Just last week I was doing some research on the correct spark plug gap for the X30 125cc. There was another post on here that asked the gap but I think it got overlooked in all the conversation. I’ve always just put in the spark plug out of the box, I use the NGK BR10EG for my 125cc X30. I am really interested to see if others check the gap and if it made/makes a difference.
One site states that the gap out of the box for the BR10EG is .04 in or 1.016mm while others say it’s .024 or .0609mm. the only karting site I found that recommended a gap was which stated a gap of .03in or .762mm. Technically I am also asking the same question as you are; does plug gap matter? if so what is the proper gap for both respective engines?

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specifications from my other engine , an ex vortex rok and also for rok gp , said its has to be 0,8mm , and thats quite a lot from the 0.4 that the br10eg spark plug usually comes from the box … thats why im asking for the iame x30 and x30 super , i think that 0,4 is a lot more closed than it has too …

You can start with 0.6-0.7mm gap :+1:t2:


hey lukas! thanks for the tip !!

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