Recommended tools for Kart Racing

Looking to get an idea of base tools as a (potential) 206 owner. Some ideas on absolute must haves is appreciated!


I think @DavinRS wrote something on this?

I’m going to buy a set of tools for my daughter for her to work on her kart. (Harbour freight specials) so that’ll be a good refresher for me too.

Really it comes down to:

Basic mechanics set: Wrenches, sockets and allens.
Good tire pressure gauge.
Maybe something to measure your oil and a funnel.

I totally did write something on this a few years ago. Funny enough I just shared it with another buddy too.


Thanks! I figured there was something already on here…just couldn’t find it.


I will compile a list of tools/spares for the LO206 when I get a chance. I apologize in advance for being extremely busy ATM. Most of 206 maintenance comes down to fuel system and clutch, with it being preemptive for the most part.
I have developed a modular mindset (in almost everything I do) in packing tools and spares. So it’s engine/fuel, chassis/tires and driver/crew.
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@Maestro check out this, Devan wrote training letters on many secular topics. Reading these training letters is really a good thing for us to digest. He has a lot of good ideas that I did not think of, sound advice. Love Dad

10 and 13 mm wrenches and sockets! :money_mouth_face:

Buy 3 of each. You’re bound to lose at least 1 a season.


My toolbox has two 10mm and two 13mms for that very reason.
“Borrowed” or “lost”

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I regret never having a heat laser gun when I was driving my own kart. I reckon it’s a very good way to check if the imbalances you feel in setup reflect in tyre temperatures. I think a tool like this gives you insight about setup imbalances in seconds and it’s not that expensive.