Recycling used tyres

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has tried taking used karting tyres to businesses that recycle tires for rubber mulch or other types of products? My local club has a policy of not trashing old tyres in the dumpsters at the track but inevitably people toss them in anyway. I just wanted to see if anyone has been able to make some extra cash instead of just throwing away old tyres?


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My local Firestone takes used tires, or we use them to make concrete weights.

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We’ve actually have had to pay to have a local tire shop recycle them. Good luck getting paid by a shop. You’ve got a better shot at selling them to a dirt karter as long as the tires aren’t bald.

We take them to our local shop and have to pay. We have used some to make picture frames for our sponsors. Our last haul was 50 tires and that would have been a lot of frames. I hope we can use fewer tires this season road racing.