Remove or Replacing Axle Bearings on an Older Tonykart

I have a 1994 (pretty sure that’s the year) TonyKart. I unfortunately missed the last race (wife was in the hospital) so it has been two months since I last ran the kart. Looking it over today and rotating the axle, I was hearing a squeak out of the bearing behind the brake. The third bearing, the face of it keeps popping off as well, so I’m thinking I should just replace my bearings. Never done that before, so any tips for installation? Also, I’m have a 40mm. I remember hearing that Tonys run a different 50mm bearing than other brands, but is there any difference in the 40mm? I generally buy from Comet and I see they have a 40mm x 80mm, 18mm wide bearing. Would this be the right fit for my old kart?

Remove the hubs.
Loosen the bolts that hold the gear to its carrier. Loosen the bolts that hold the rotor to its carrier and loosen the cinch bolt.
Pull the gear carrier off.
Remove the grub screws from the bearings. You may need a dead blow hammer or rubber mallet. As an alternate, a claw hammer and a block of wood.
Tap the axle out from left to right. After the key for the brake rotor is exposed, remove it.
After the axle is out, remove one of the bearing cassettes.
Looking at the cassette, you’ll see that one side of the cassette has two cut outs, 180 degrees apart.
Place the cassette in a vice and rotate the bearing 90 degrees to the cassette with an axle. I’d use an old bent one if you have one.
Rotate the bearing in the cassette until it aligns with the cut outs and remove.

Video of bearing install:

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a video on how to remove an axle.

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Made this a new topic to break it out. Post a pic of the Tony?

I’ve done an axle many times, but just have never had to replace a bearing. I plan on doing the bearings in a couple of weeks.