Remove roller bearing x30


I want to change the roller bearing for the x30 Bendix gear. Any tips and tricks , without the need of buying expensive bearing puller tools ?


While I can see the bearing listed on the X30 price list, I’ve never heard of that bering failing and being in need of replacement. It should only spin when the starter motor engages and have very little wear.

However if I decided to attempt it I would destroy the bearing cage and then try to drill out the race. Which would be about the only way to get it out as there wouldn’t be a bearing puller small enough to fit. Lots of things to go wrong in that scenario.

If it looks to be in ok condition and spins after a good clean, I would just put a dab of grease in it and send it.

Looking forward to hearing if someone has removed one.

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Buy the bearing puller. If it was a brass or bronze bushing it would have been different, but bearings in a blind hole require a puller. That is, if you can’t remove the whole case and use heat, but it’s a lot of work. Or you can take it to a shop that has the proper tool…high chances to ruin the case without the tool, that would be really expensive to fix

Thanks guys…

I think I just let it sit then…

I’ll ask my builder. I just had the same failure. And it took him a couple days to get it out without the tools

Sounds expensive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think I just let it be.

Yeah if it didn’t fail. Leave it alone.

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I replaced that bearing few days ago. Used a bearing puller :wink:

But the bearing might come out if you pack some grease to the hole, halfway or so. Put the case in to a fridge so the grease hardens a bit, take a punch that fits snugly to the hole (bearing )and give it few light taps with a hammer. Grease should push the bearing out. Try first without the fridge if you find some thick grease. The interference isnt very tight - it should come out quite easily

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These are helpful just put in and use the bearing removal tool included and slide hammer em out easy peasy.

Thanks for sharing! Pair that with a specialized insert like these and you are set for about $50

Very nice trick , thanks. I maybe give that a try…