Removing carbon buildup from cylinder

Hi! Im curious to know how you guys deal with removing carbon buildup in the cylinder and head specially in the cylinder exhaust ports (2 small ones on side) on a x30
I usually use a ultrasonic cleaner with a special detergent but its not so efficient… i heard oven cleaner should do the trick to i dont really know if its safe on alu tho. This what my engine looked like after me and my builder worked on it together using his chemicals…

As you can se absolutely no carbon buildup at all

Soda blaster. Cylinder heads, exhaust ports, piston head. Very fast and 0 chance to ruin anything. Should any residue be left by mistake, it will dissolve

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Where does one aquire one?

Amazon, of course! SpeedBlaster

I’m sure you’ll find similar ones on ebay and other platforms too.
Also, when you get it I strongly suggest buying the correct media (sodium bicarbonate) which is coarser than the regular household one. You can steal it from your laundry room too, but it’s finer grit and takes longer to clean stuff with it

Wow, though it was gonna be more expensive, im definitely going to buy it! Thanks