Removing graphic glue/sticky

I ripped off my old graphics and am running plain for the next couple events. What’s the best product to remove the glue from the old graphics left on my bodywork?

Maybe something like this would work.


Goof Off is best, Goo Gone is OK.

I’ve decided not to recommend gasoline when something else will work. There are a few examples where it’s really necessary but the risk of fire is excessive.

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Acrysol should get it off.

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Yeah goof off worked really well for me

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I went with De-Solv It because it is a less toxic solvent. Did a good job breaking down the glue. It’s Australian but there’ll be similar products all over


I use like a areosol spray that the glue just slides off

If a chemical isn’t working, the other method is to fight adhesive with adhesive. Get a roll of strong duct tape, and apply it to the adhesive and pull it off.

Any time I can’t find the right adhesive remover for something like this, the duct tape method is my back up plan, and sometimes it actually works better. When I took the last kit off my kart, almost all the adhesive stayed on the pods and it was a nightmare trying to dissolve it. But the tape pulled big chunks of adhesive off.


pretty clever, i like this idea

My go to is Acetone. Acetone takes the rubber marks off the decals too, so always have it around.

Add in a Magic eraser to the really tough adhesive.

What ever you do, don’t ask the Mrs to help after she’s just got her nails done. That’s an entirely different problem and story… :flushed::rofl::rofl:

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I’ve had good luck with Goo-Gone, but you have to let it soak in. Saturate a paper towel with the stuff and lay it over the area you’re cleaning and go do something else for awhile. After it sits a bit, most of the goo will wipe right up.

Goof-Off also works well, but be careful because it contains acetone and xylene, which can craze and/or melt some plastics, remove finishes, etc. Most kart plastics are polyethylene though, so should be safe.

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Also I just remembered that the duct tape method works best with a heat gun to soften the adhesive first. Helps adhere the adhesive to the duct tape’s adhesive. :melting_face: :crazy_face:

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My last sticker removal had a similar issue. The clear laminate pulled off, and the graphic stayed on the kart. It took hours. The duct tape method might have been a great option there!

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Probably the same graphics I was pulling off… Mine was the FMS kit from KartDavid. Yeah same thing, laminate came off and the vinyl stayed on.

Heating it and scraping with a razor blade is another option. I’ve tried everything…

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Yes, mine are KD as well. I’ll try some of the options listed and report back. Thanks everyone!!

Same issue with me on last KD set. Current set is from Jake Designs and I’ll be taking them off in March, so we’ll see if it is the same story.

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I’ll give you another option - Heat gun. Simply apply heat until it becomes gummy, you can then use a plastic scraper or a cotton towel to push it all in one place and simply peel it off. Work one section at a time

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Alright guys. I tried.

Some things I learned:

  1. Patience is key.
  2. Whatever chemical you pick, let it soak a long time.
  3. The volume of glue will over power your rag, towel, scraping device. Have plenty ready.
  4. TJ’s tape trick actually works! When it started balling up on me, I would use the tape to get a fresh start.
  5. Patience is still key.

Don’t judge my vinyl. Driver panel turned out better than side pods.