Removing LO206 Clutch

I am trying to take the clutch off of my LO206 for the first time and its very stuck. Like not even a wiggle. The retaining bolt is removed. I currently have it socking in penetrating oil. I plan on getting a bearing puller to pull it off. Just curious if there is any other wisdom out there?

I’ve had the same problem. You likely have a damaged key/keyway. Stick a screwdriver behind the clutch and give it a little pry or a little tap with a hammer on the screw driver to pry it loose. I’ve never had to go all the way to gear puller before, but it would not surprise me. Take pictures when you get it off and lets see what happened.


yep shove something behind it. They can take a beating. Looks like a stinger. They mangle key ways. The solution i have found is to put a new key in it every few race days.

So i got the clutch off woth some more prying and a good few hits with the dead blow. The is definitely wear on the crankshaft and the key material is showing lots of wear. Is that crankshaft keyway still good?

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Yep. Crank is fine. May need to file off the high spot created.

Do like Lindsay said and throw keys at it regularly. It’ll keep running just fine forever.

yep. I just would smooth out the marks on the crank. Don’t go crazy to actually induce slop. just enough to take out high spots.

Then just toss a key at it every couple weekends. With proper clutch maintenance it is coming off anyway. I think i was at the point of about every other weekend throwing a key at it. To cheap to deal with the headache of beating the thing.

The washer on the crank appears to be wrong way round. The chamfer in the bore is there to accomodate the radius between the oil seal dia.and the clutch mounting dia. Remedy and then clamp the clutch body to the crank tight with the 5/16 inch unf bolt and washer. The only end float should be the drum on its sleeve. See Briggs instructions on clutch fitting.

I coat mine with a little marine grease, it helps and also protects it from rust.

Can you please check the washer orientation?

I remember the shaft on the engine having a radius because a sharp edge creates a stress point and so the washer is used to compensate and it in turn creates a flat face for the clutch components.

Hilliard Inferno Flame Clutch Assembly Diagrams & Information Briggs …

Yes. The washer should be fitted with the chamfer in the bore next to the engine for the reasons you state. It appears to me that Auddie has the washer the other way round ie chamfer outwards.

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