Removing rounded allen key bolt

Any ideas on how to remove this rounded bolt. Its completly round inside how do i do it?

If you can cut a slit in it and use a flat head screw driver

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You can try finding a torques bit slightly larger hammer it into the hole. Then use an impact driver to back it out. Torques Bit = 6 point star. Note: you may destroy the torques bit in the process.


MAC makes R.B.R.T to remove those.

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Thanks i drilled it out so its done👍


90% of the time a slit with a Dremel cutoff wheel and a flat blade screwdriver will get it. Left handed drill bits would be your next best bet, a lot of time they will grab a chunk of the head and spin it right out. If the left handed drill bit does’t grab it, then the next step is an Easy-out in the hole you just drilled.

Stripped heads can’t be avoided sometimes, but a little prevention goes a long way too… Don’t use junk tools; if your wrench tip is rounded at all, pitch it.

Working on racecars of any type, you can never have enough bolt extraction or thread repair tools. I swear a large chunk of my career as a race mechanic was doing just that… When your drivers throw enough stuff at the fence you get really good at it.


I keep common kart sizes in my kart box of R.B.R.T. they have cone in handy and have yet to fail me.

Always a good thing to have for the future.