Removing weight

I purchased a old chassis that has a plate welded and they bolted a really heavy weight on top. The plate is double nutted on and was able to get the first off, because it was peaking above the plate, the second one I purchased the skinniest 30mm socket and it won’t fit in the whole. Below it the plate is a sloppy weld job, but I don’t think I want to cut underneath and ruin the chassis. Replacing the tubing would be more expensive then the actual chassis. Any ideas on how to approach it? here are some pictures

You can try a 12 point socket, its walls will be thinner. Also auto motive tools suppliers sell Low-Profile sockets of varying sizes that may tuck into the hole. Last option would be to drill out the bolt through the nut and just eliminate it all together.

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I’m with Greg.

Either drill out the bolt tail through the nut, or if you can drill/grind off the head then punch the shank through.

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Thank you both that did the trick, but now I have a bolt that was welded protruding out. Thoughts on how I should attempt removing it? just cut the bolt or attempt to cut it all out?


If you’re leaving the disc in place, I’d just grind the bolt off and shave it flush.

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