Renegade fuel

Does any of you guys have experience with Renegade fuel in a X30?

I have a race coming up where fuel choice is open.
I’m contemplating testing an oxygenated Renegade fuel.

Do you guys have any suggestions / advise?

  • I’m open for any input…
  • Do it
  • Don’t do it…
  • Fuel / oil ratio… 4%, 5%?
  • What EGT temperatures should I be looking for?

Just exploring… I normally go with VP98 or VP103 if there’s no 98.
Just thinking about experimenting with something different.

Some links below…

98 octane, 2% oxygenated

100 octane, 3.5% oxygenated

104 octane, 4.80% oxygenated

107 octane, 9.7% oxygenated

Interesting choices. Any idea if they mix well with oil?

I do know of some locals using it, so yes.

The RM 109 should work very well and add about 4% to peak power. Try opening both needles half a turn and then re-tuning from there.

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Hi Charles,

I was hoping that you can chime in. :slight_smile:

If I understand you correctly, what you’re saying is to…

  1. Set the needles to their (base setting + half a turn) to have them richer to compensate for the extra oxygen. This will be a safe starting point.
  2. Dial the needles back (lean the carburation) to the desired EGT temperatures?

If you have a dual gauge I’d say pull a little timing out too, to be on the safe side.

Hi James,

I’m not sure how I can pull timing of an X30… There are no offset crank keys that they sell.
Or is there another way to pull timing?

I might have wrongly assumed that the stator can be rotated. Typically that’s how it’s adjusted, but maybe it’s not permitted with X30 now?

It can’t be rotated… But if someone knows where to source offset crank keys. :sunglasses:

Odd. If the shaft and rotor are tapered you may be able to run without the key by lapping the rotor onto the shaft. This is what was often done with the 100cc engines in FA.

That would make it illegal for an x30 class probably, also might be more trouble that’s it’s worth.

I wouldn’t pull timing, you’ve got an engine that runs on 91 AKI fuel and are pouring in 109 AKI.

To each their own I guess. I blow stuff up a lot and like to hedge my bets :joy:

That’s why I had him rejet far enough that he’d be richer even with the oxygen leaning him out.

Anyway, I recommend having a gallon bottle of distilled water available whenever you try a new fuel. You don’t have the jetting right just because the plug looks good, drain the engine and pull the head and take a good look at the piston between runs. When you can see Australia on the piston crown you’re close.